The Hormone Secret and progesterone for anxiety

Dr Tami Meraglia, MD, is the author of the forthcoming book, The Hormone Secret. I have an advance review copy and read it on the plane coming back from San Diego and it’s fabulous!

Read on below for a wonderful sample snippet from the book.

I do want to mention that we do differ in our food recommendations. I’m a paleo eater myself and am recommending this more and more to my clients.   But I absolutely LOVE the hormone information in this book! Wait until you read about testosterone – yes! natural ways to boost your own production! and/or how to use small amounts for women!

Did you know that you have a natural anti-anxiety hormone?
Women have a hormone that is produced in the ovaries and the adrenal glands that is like Valium bathing the female mind.  It helps reduce anxiety and is known as the peaceful hormone.  It also helps us sleep soundly through the entire night.
What is this amazing hormone?  Progesterone. 
Progesterone acts on the gamma amino butyric (GABA) receptors in the brain (the same receptors sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medication and even alcohols act upon), producing a calming effect.  GABA is the primary inhibitory transmitter in the brain.  If you wake between2am and 4 am wide awake, you likely have a progesterone deficiency.
Progesterone also affects the elasticity of our skin, memory, is anti-inflammatory, is a natural diuretic and helps normalize blood sugar.  It also stimulates that cells that make new bone called osteoblasts.
Unfortunately progesterone leaves our bodies first and leaves us quickly.  You can have a low progesterone level as early as your late 20’s!  Many women think that their increased irritability, loss of enjoyment of life and trouble sleeping if from their 24/7 lifestyle but it is likely more often due to a progesterone deficiency.

Here are 7 common symptoms associated with low progesterone:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Waking at night
  3. Fibrocystic breasts
  4. PMS
  5. Bone loss
  6. Low libido
  7. Infertility or irregular periods.

Here are 3 simple and natural things you can do to help your own body produce more progesterone:

  • Vitamin C.   A dose of 750-1000 mg has been shown in studies to raise progesterone in women.
  • Selenium.  200-400 mcg/day was shown to boost production of progesterone in an Italian study.
  • The spices turmeric, thyme and oregano are also useful for raising progesterone.  Use in cooking whenever you can.

Topical progesterone is also available over-the-counter.
If you find that it takes a bit more energy to keep your cool or that you are no longer sleeping through the night I encourage you to look to progesterone as a way to help.

I love Dr. Tami’s famous quote: “Remember, fine is a four-letter word.  You deserve to feel FABULOUS!”
Over the next week she is doing some great giveaways and events. Today you can grab a copy of the book (US shipping addresses only. You just pay shipping and handling). She has some bonus videos to share. Then she’ll be offering a recipe book and will then be hosting a webinar.   Learn more here:

Trudy Scott (CN), Certified Nutritionist is the founder of, a thriving nutrition practice with a focus on food, mood and women’s health. Trudy educates women about the amazing healing powers of food and nutrients and helps them find natural solutions for anxiety and other mood problems. Trudy’s goal for all her clients (and all women): “You can be your healthiest, look your best and feel on-top-of-the-world emotionally!”


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