Healing Your Anxious Feelings, Traumas and Relationships


Individual Counseling:  If you need help healing or managing your anxiety, trauma, depression, relationship struggles, or substance abuse I can help heal you.  Traumas accumulating since childhood are not uncommon.  Anxiety is a natural instinct and you want to preserve your ability to respond with the fight or flight response of course, but when it is appropriate.  For many people today, it is not uncommon for your anxious feelings to surface even when there is no sign of danger.  Anxiety is nothing more than fear of a predator, which was the original and natural intent of your body’s signaling system.  It is also often a symptom of a stored traumatic memory and can cause you to feel depressed as well as other symptoms.  It can also harm your relationships in your family or at work.  It’s not uncommon for sufferers to turn to alcohol or chemicals to mask or numb their feelings.  It can be dreadful when things progress to the fullest possible extent.  And it is preventable.  Read more by clicking on the anxiety tab above and then call me, Pam Goodfriend, LCSW, CAC III, to set up your individualized therapy plan at 303.269.1191.

Couples Counseling: You may have seen another counselor who specializes in couples counseling and came away feeling like he or she knows a tremendous amount and you may have been very helped so that you didn’t need to continue.   However, recently you’ve begun to see your relationship take a difficult turn towards old patterns that you thought had been extinguished.  Perhaps one or both of you are withdrawing from each other just as you have in the past.  Or perhaps you haven’t gone to counseling before but are now befuddled at how this wonderful partner and you are beginning to spiral downward and you’re both wondering or worrying if you may not succeed in keeping your relationship intact.

The difficult news I have to offer is that these scenarios are all too common.  I’m referring to the two scenarios above.  One is where you and your partner are reliving the dance between withdrawing and engaging in your relationship. The second scenario is where the effectiveness of your past couples counseling is now wearing off and your relationship dance of engage withdraw has resurfaced again.

I offer promising news.  I can help you.  The therapy I use is the most researched of all couples therapy available.  It is proven effective because it actually makes a shift on a very deep level to heal your ruptured or frayed bond with your significant other.  If you cared enough to get involved and fall in love with your partner in the first place then wouldn’t you care enough now to continue to work on your relationship by healing and cementing your relationship to that wonderful space you once shared?  There are many competent therapists available for you to choose from.  But you see it’s not about the therapist.  I’m not discounting the importance of finding a therapist you feel safe and comfortable with.  But it’s also about the therapy.  The therapy I offer goes deeper, and gets to the core feelings, not the core issues.  Once you and your partner are able to get to the real feelings you once shared, your core issues begin to diffuse with your strengthened ability to see one another, feel one another’s feelings and understand your contribution to why your bond began to weaken.  In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFcT) we work on changing the struggle to a smoother, productive dance.  Read more about it by clicking on couplestherapyofcolorado or call me for a free 15 minute phone consultation where I may answer your questions and concerns at 303.269.1191.  I’ll explain what happens in therapy, how long it might take, and what changes you’re highly likely to experience in your relationship. 




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