I wish I’d known you long before now. I wouldn’t have needed to suffer like I have. P. M., Broomfield

Thank you Pam for being there so many times when I was crying and distraught. I’ve had so many family members pass lately, and a bad break up of a relationship. I don’t know how I would have made it through all this loss without your support. I’ve found that with all my depression lately I actually look forward to seeing you. Cate, Golden

If anyone is looking for a soothing voice who seems to know a lot and how to handle life’s tougher issues it seems to be her (Pam). I sure am glad I had someone recommend I get help and it was her who showed up! Glenda, Northglenn

Gotta give it to the counseling profession, they scored when Pam joined the team. I wasn’t much of a believer in getting help. But Ms. Goodfriend helped me with trouble with my brother, a job loss, and through a difficult time with my anxiety and fears scaring the heck out of me. I wasn’t actually very stable, looking back. But now I’m shocked at how good I feel and how I could have been such a disbeliever that a therapist would be this helpful. I thought I had all the answers, afterall I run a business and solve everybody elses’ problems. She saw things in me I didn’t know was there. God knows I needed a strong woman to help me turn my life around. She never gave up on me, no matter how stubborn I am, she hangs in there. My doctor says I’m a stubborn ol’ mule. Not even some of my brothers would come around. Now they want to know when I’m having them for dinner again. See I used to push people away. Had my reasons. Now I see it all differently. I would recommend her to anybody. Barb, Boulder

My husband and I only saw Pam three times but we were amazed at how quickly she grasped our issues and targeted what we needed to do to resolve our baggage. We still have that baggage but the difference is now we understand why and know what to do to get through it! I go in for a refresher every now and again…plus she gives me homework to practice. B.L. Lancaster, Denver

Pam really helped me get back on my feet. I used to wake up with a panic attack and nightmares in the middle of the night and run out into the street. Really! I was on several medications for asthma, depression, Bi-Polar, anxiety and allergies. I am now panic free and take half the meds I used to. Praise the Lord! Janice, Denver

My wife and I were in a bad car accident where our son died. I didn’t think my wife would ever re-surface. She really suffered over our son but also had several broken bones and a skull fracture. I not only lost my son I felt I lost my wife. We’ve been married over 20 years. Pam seemed like she knew just what to say to her, did EMDR, and now Pam is like part of the family. I am terribly glad Pam help my wife because I got my family back because of her (at least in part.) Jack, Denver

Little did I know there were things I could say or react differently with when situations come up on my job. I still have a job because of her. Miss Goodfriend showed me the way! Of course, it helped that I listened and practiced. David, Boulder

I don’t normally like to write these online or anywhere but here goes: ‘I was once lost, but now I’m found’ comes to mind. Seriously. Thanks Pam. Becky, Lakewood

I was a little surprised to learn I had a personality disorder that was at the bottom of my problems. But DBT gives me homework, which I enjoy. I’ve gotten very comfortable working with Pam Goodfriend and would recommend taking DBT from her. I am not as depressed. I’m a lot busier and my friends are coming around again. Macy, Park Hill

I thought EFT was a little weird, but got into it and EMDR and some other stuff and now am a lot more trusting and happy. Oh and now my anxiety is manageable. Pam helped. She also got me to take a career test and showed me I wasn’t meeting my potential. I changed my career focus, got off medications and now meditate. I know its up to me to use what I’ve learned. Pam can’t always be there. Now I’m not ashamed any more and am going out again and living. Andrew, Englewood

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