Types of Anxiety

Free yourself from Unwarranted Anxiety

and Anxiety-Related Health Problems

Is Worry, Stress or Panic Stopping You From Living the Life You Want?

If so, working with an experienced anxiety therapist could be the answer you’ve been looking for…

Are you afraid of going out of the house?  Are you considered a highly sensitive person? Are you experiencing a pit in your stomach, dizzy spells, nausea or chest pains that are unexpected and unexplained by your doctor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from anxiety or an anxiety-related issue.

Can you relate to any of these symptoms?

  • sensitive to smells, noise, tastes or heat and cold
  • finding yourself afraid to eat certain foods, travel through a certain area, or be left alone
  • playing the “what if” game with yourself
  • feeling that your comfort zone has shrunk
  • finding that you are isolating more often than not
  • avoiding issues, people or places
  • feeling groggy from taking anti-anxiety medications

If you’re experiencing any of these, I can help.

In the book Dancing with Fear, Dr. Paul Foxman approximates that about 80% of all visits to physicians are not due to poor health but are related to anxiety.  Other research shows that from 18% to 25% of all anxiety sufferers actually seek help for their anxiety by going to see a doctor.   There is no need to run to a physician for help.  Psychotherapy for anxiety works and many doctors will refer you back to your psychotherapist for treatment for this!

I thought EFT was a little weird, but got into it and EMDR and some other stuff and now am a lot more trusting and happy.  Oh and now my anxiety is manageable.  Pam helped.  She also got me to take a career test and showed me I wasn’t meeting my potential.  I changed my career focus, got off medications and now meditate.  I know its up to me to use what I’ve learned. Pam can’t always be there.  Now I’m not ashamed any more and am going out again and living.  Andrew, Englewood

So many of your anxiety issues can be resolved in therapy.   Your programming from birth to age six or seven is also a huge factor that can spell disaster if you don’t work with a trained professional like myself to help you develop an understanding and forgiveness. You’ll develop insight as well as favorable ways to decrease and manage your triggers and fears.

Pam really helped me get back on my feet. I used to wake up with a panic attack and nightmares in the middle of the night and run out into the street.  Really!  I was on several medications for asthma, depression, Bi-Polar, anxiety and allergies.  I am now panic free and take half the meds I used to.  Praise the Lord!  Janice, Denver

Don’t suffer in silence and alone. I can help you overcome your fears and worries to start living the life you want.

Through working together on your anxiety issues you can:

  • gratefully observe that you’re no longer experiencing panic attacks.
  • sigh a sigh of relief when you notice that your general anxiety has diminished.
  • feel lighter which funnels your expressions in a happier manner.
  • avoid health-related issues like allergies, asthma, adrenal fatigue, headaches and more.
  • sleep better, get back to goal setting and attainment, and develop a new quality of life

There are many types of anxiety, including:

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Are you ready to free yourself from unwarranted anxiety now?

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