Explaining the Power and Effectiveness of

The Type

of Couples Therapy I Facilitate

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy


Do you remember the first time you really captured that special something about your significant other? And when you noticed they “got” you? Really “got” you? And the connection deepened? You were building a bond of trust which later grew into affection and eventually into a more consuming love. Oh it could have grown slowly, sure or it could have been like you two were lit on fire. You may both have felt passionate love. Through the ups and downs of the nature of your bond you two eventually learned to rely on each other, let down your defenses and depend on the other for support, or filling in your gaps, and covering for your omissions. As a couple you began to grow together, perhaps have children or maybe you are just contemplating that idea now. But you two are attached, and have grown unhappy. That’s why you’re reading this now.

And no matter how it all began, with all the wonderful twists and turns your relationship has taken, you are now finding yourselves in a muck. Somewhere on the roller coaster of your relationship you found yourselves thrown off the fun part of the ride. One or both of you are looking around questioning how did this happen to us? Why can’t we get out of this stuck space. All of our ups and downs seem to have created a quicksand that sucks us in and then traps us in a loop of mistaken communication. Makes one or both of us feel misunderstood by the other, minimized, under valued and/or unloved.

Remember when you used to play together, laugh at some silliness only the two of you could appreciate? Or maybe you were lucky to share some unique interest or hobby and couldn’t wait to talk to your partner about it again when you got home? In couple’s therapy we can uncover those buried feelings you are hiding from your significant other and re-store you two to that precious place where you two bonded originally that planted you both in a very heartfelt place.

Couples therapy won’t remove you from those icky sticky spots that got you two stuck originally. My therapy will help you return to the perspective you originally had for each other where those icky sticky issues seem so much less important, trivial to the overarching feel good moments at hand. Trivial to the bigger picture which is the love you feel for each other and wish to enjoy again in a hopefully deeper and even more pleasant and lasting way.

The therapy I use is known as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy created by Dr. Sue Johnson and it is heavily researched and well known to be the most effective type of couples therapy available today. Yet even now, many couples’ therapists are still unfamiliar with its effectiveness, yet alone the name of this therapy. You have the opportunity to do more advanced work on your relationship with the greater hope of recovering from any damage that has been done than you would with other types of couples work. This will not save all relationships, as some couples are seeking something more from the relationship than their partner is conscious enough, aware enough, or interested enough in providing. Therefore, setting aside inherent exceptions, after you’ve done some soul searching give me a call if you feel your partner is worth keeping and your relationship is worth working on to save.

Click on the links below to find out more about how the therapy works and about the research that has gone into it. Her research has surprisingly showed how uniquely effective it is, more than any other type of couples therapy there is, and what might be required of you if you should decide to contact me and work through your issues with a caring and compassionate counselor. Call me for a free consultation. Whether you’ve already gotten married or wish to do pre-marital counseling, or perhaps it’s contingent on whether you’ll move in together, or stay together. If you feel it’s time and you both are ready to make a commitment to reclaiming what was once yours, call Pam Goodfriend, LCSW, CAC III 303.269.1191. I have offices in Cherry Creek North and Arvada. Let’s find a time and a place to begin the work to bring you back together to the ultimate stage of resolution.