Agoraphobia typically makes it hard for the sufferer to leave their home, be in a crowd, go over a bridge, or travel in a vehicle, bus, airplane or train.  With Agoraphobia the person normally experiences Panic Attacks.  Social phobia is distressing but does not cause Panic Attacks.

Agoraphobia vicariously diminishes when Panic Attacks are eliminated by EMDR which is the trauma therapy tool we use.  See PTSD for information on EMDR.  You may also click on Social Phobia for additional information.

With Trauma Therapy:

  • Panic Attacks are normally eliminated
  • You start to enjoy life in general
  • You expand your comfort zone which increases your spontaneity and potential for making new friends
  • You find yourself having new experiences which lifts your mood and decreases the likelihood of being depressed
  • You sleep better
  • Your friends and family notice you have changed because you are participating in their lives more

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