Social Phobia

Social phobia is where one feels they are likely to experience scrutiny or judgment by others.  It is sometimes confused with Agoraphobia (click on Agoraphobia for more information) which is more or less a collection of so many phobias that it prevents those who suffer from this from going to places where escape may be difficult, embarrassing, or in which help might not be available.

Most phobias are treated with exposure therapy.  This is a way that I would encourage you to get more comfortable and more frequently accustomed to experiencing the very place, issue, fear or person/people that you are resisting.  By familiarizing yourself with the person place or thing that you agonize over you begin to diminish your resistance.   However, what you resist will persist.  Therefore, with my support and encouragement you will find over time that your phobia starts to abate.

  • You’ll have my coaching to help you overcome your fears in therapy
  • You’ll strengthen your self confidence as you find yourself utilizing proven strategies and finding that they work for you as well
  • You’ll discover that you don’t have to live with a feeling of despair or depression as a result of your choices in the past.  You can make new choices and overcome your fear of the consequences of meeting new people or making new friends

In all cases of phobias, taking the fear out of the equation and having fun with the situation works well.  Perhaps not at first, and maybe not for a while.  It depends on you.  But I am here to assist you or redirect and support your efforts until we get you to a place where you can begin to embrace life again!  Call me today so we can discuss this often paralyzing plague.  It may start with a phone call to me, but it ends with you ready to experience more joy in your life!

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